Falconry Experience Days - Falconry Courses

Our three and five-day courses are designed to teach individuals more about falconry, beyond the information given on our experiences.Courses are mostly, but not exclusively, aimed to provide guests with enough knowledge to go on to own, train and fly their own bird of prey. Some participants in our half day and full day experiences may simply wish to develop their knowledge and expertise to these levels even if they are not yet in a position to keep a bird of their own.

We aim to offer the very highest standard of course for our students. To this end, we adapt our teaching plans to suit everyone that attends our courses. We also offer free follow up advice, and we acknowledge a responsibility not only to fully fledged students, but also to the birds they take on.

As each session is individual and one-to-one, please give us a call to arrange sessions and discuss your requirements.

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